Welcome back…

As you dig your heels into the wonderful world of Pinewood Derby® racing keep in mind that the pinewood derby is a wonderful opportunity for both adults and children to learn a great deal about the Laws of Physics and have some serious fun along the way. After all, the pine wood derby is all about Gravity Driven Cars. You can bend or stretch the rules all you want. But you can’t break the Laws of Physics. The challenge is to achieve maximum speed using Physics as your fuel and Gravity as your engine. It’s important that you make sure you fully understand and stay within the rules of the race while pushing the envelope. But equally important is understanding what the rules don’t say. This is where the fun starts. You can exploit your creativity and knowledge of physical law to your benefit.

Look for these inspirational guys scattered throughout the site. They will have important information or links that will help you learn along the way. You’ll find there aren’t really any tricks, secrets or magic ingredients that will make your car faster than the next guy. Any advantage is gained as a result of physics and good ol’ elbow grease.

“Opportunity is missed by most people
because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work.”
—Thomas Alva Edison

So whether this is your first time or if you’re a seasoned trophy holder your first stop should be my EDGE-ucation page. Download the Lectures and test your knowledge.

Hodges Hobby House (WinDerby) is dedicated to helping kids and parents understand how to achieve maximum speed by combining quality craftsmanship and knowledge of physics to win the Pinewood Derby®. We take a lot of pride in providing derby enthusiasts of all ages with the best pine wood derby supplies and accessories on the market. I also try to provide the service and knowledge to achieve this goal. WinDerby has, literally, tens of thousands of satisfied customers (a great many with shiny new trophies). I attribute much of our success to the skill of the builders, their knowledge of physics and the valuable customer feedback for new and improved products.

We strive to build the finest “Made in the USA” pine wood derby supplies and accessories to keep you in the winner’s circle year after year. Our lathe turned speed wheels and speed axles are among the best and fastest in the industry. I, personally, turn each and every one of our wheels and polish every axle to ensure hand crafted quality.No mass production here!

We use the Official BSA Pinewood Derby® wheels and axles right out of the box. For Open Class and Outlaw competition, we offer custom machined speed wheels and speed axles as well. Our GM-Lube is the Original Custom Blend of Graphite and Moly created by Hugh Hodges.

IMPORTANT: The products and construction techniques described are all developed to improve the performance of your pine wood derby cars. Please consult your local racing rules as some of the methods and / or products may be not be allowed.