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Hodges Graphite/Moly

Still the best G/M blend on the market

LUBRICATE, LUBRICATE, LUBRICATE – Hodges Graphite-Moly Lube formula is the slickest yet. We mix our own using the original Hodges formula. The Molybdenum additive, in it’s powdered form, has a very low coefficient of friction and when blended in the proper proportions enhances the lubricating effects of the graphite. A good Graphite- Moly blend will reduce the coefficient of friction from about 0.24 (smooth plastic on metal) to approximately 0.1 or even less than .06 with properly prepared axles and hub bores. Many have tried to imitate (I should be flattered) but none have matched.

Remember – Even the best G/M is only 1 piece of the puzzle. Arm Yourself with Knowledge – The Physics of pinewood derby