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WinDerby Body Blocks…

All bodies on this page are 7″ long and 1-3/4″ wide. These dimensions are the same as the stock Scout Grand Prix bodies. My blocks are made from either Clear Pine or Clear Poplar (depending on the availability of material).

I offer the standard block with the slotted base as well as precision drilled axles holes for both standard and extended wheelbases. If your rules allow the use of an extended wheelbase you can benefit from a more stable ride as well as the advantage of moving your relative Center of Gravity (CG) a bit further back. This will give you a bit more potential energy to release because scootching your CG back raises your mass slightly higher off the ground. Try this – Drop a golf ball on the sidewalk from the height of your shoulder – then try it again with your arm extended way above your head. What happens when it drops from a greater height? How high did each ball bounce? Which one had more energy to release?

The three holes are drilled at the rear for inserting Lead Wire, Tungsten and WuttyTM to weight the car to the 5 oz maximum. The amount of weight that you put in each hole is totally dependent on your car design and your track condition.

GET YOUR BODY IN TO SHAPE – If your undecided about the optimal shape of your racer then check out Lecture 8 Air Drag 101 and learn how the shape of your car body can affect your speed.

See how AIR can be a real DRAG on your car in Lecture 9 Effects of Air Drag on PWD Race Times and Lecture 10 Using the Virtual Race to Make Design Decisions

Does raising one wheel really reduce your friction by 25%?? If you want SPEED you’ll wanna READ. Lets separate FACT from FICTION with Lecture 11 Debunking Another Friction Myth

IMPORTANT: The products and construction techniques described are all developed to improve the performance of your pinewood derby cars. Please consult your local racing rules as some of the methods and / or products may be not be allowed